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Course Structure

The courses have been structured into skills programmes, which cover a number of SAQA Unit Standards.

SAQA Unit Standards

South African Qualification Authority (SAQA) has a set of Unit Standards (US) that describe the specific learning outcomes that needs to be achieved during the learning process as well as the  assessment criteria against which a learner is assessed in order to be certified as competent against the specific unit standard.


The courses are presented as e-learning courses. 

Course material is made available to learners electronically through the AVCASA Moodle software.  This software is available online. Each enrolled learner will receive a username and password to access the course material.

There are:

· Notes containing the theory and can be downloaded to your computer in pdf format.

· Self-study tests – Multiple choice tests for self-study to ensure that you understand the work and to help with exam revision. The tests may be done as many times as you want and are marked immediately by the software upon submission, and the answers are provided thereafter.

· Activities –These include assignments which contain practical questions entailing the application of theory. These activities should be completed and uploaded onto Moodle.  A minimum of 50% is required in each activity to gain admission in the examination.

· Videos - Links to optional, recommended online videos.

· Examination papers.